This wiki is focused on the control of zebra mussels, which are an invasive species that cause severe biofouling in water treatment and power plants. It includes an introduction to the species and how the mussels cause problems, as well as a discussion of several of the methods currently used to control them. These methods include bacterial treatments and chemical treatments, the most prominent of which is chlorine. Each treatment is evaluated for effectiveness and economics, as well as environmental impact. In addition, it discusses two new technologies that could potentially be used to supplement or replace the treatments commonly used today. These new technologies are a possible application of nanotechnology, which is discussed in the chlorine section, and Biobullets, which are discussed on their own page.

Eradication of Zebra Mussels in Freshwater Bodies: Wiki Overview
1) Introduction to Zebra Mussels
2) Bacterial Treatments
3) Chlorine Treatments
4) Other Chemical Treatments
5) New Technology: BioBullets
6) Summary of Treatment Methods